Holly Carson

Experience Makes a Difference

“When we’re looking for compassion, we need someone who is deeply rooted, who is able to bend, and most of all, someone who embraces us for our strengths and struggles.” Brene Brown, Ph.D.

Holly is a seasoned and skilled therapist with a long established private practice that has successfully served clients in the greater St. Louis area for over thirty years. A caring professional counselor and inspiring life coach, she partners with her clients to help them achieve restoration and healing, strengthen relationships and step into their full purpose and potential. She enjoys working with a variety of diverse clients and treats a broad range of clinical disorders and concerns. She is especially sought after for her specialties in grief therapy, women’s issues, and anxiety disorders.

Holly’s practice is built on a solid foundation of clinical competency through on-going training and continuing education. She believes that the best therapy comes from a strong collaborative relationship that supports her client’s dreams and goals. Holly’s empathic demeanor and compassionate personality create a safe and supportive atmosphere that serves to foster a strong partnership with her clients.

Holly is licensed as a professional counselor and clinical social worker in the state of Missouri. A native of Boston, Holly obtained her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her undergraduate degree is in Psychology with a minor in Art and a concentration in Art Therapy. She is the co-author of the newly released book, Weaving Ourselves Whole: A Guide To Forming a Transformational Expressive Arts Circle. When not working, Holly enjoys time spent outdoors, a variety of creative endeavors and art-making, and spending time with her family.


Philosophy and Style

“Empathy is communicating that incredibly healing message of, ‘You are not alone.’” – Brene Brown, Ph.D

With a deep belief in her client’s inherent wisdom and strengths, Holly takes a client-centered approach to counseling. Her approach is holistic and strength-based, drawing on a variety of clinical techniques and research-based interventions. She offers each client a balance of support and challenge, along with a deep regard for the courage that is required to embark on a journey of healing. A goal-directed therapist, she collaborates with her clients to create a meaningful and pro-active treatment plan that helps her clients navigate life challenges, acquire new life skills, resolve issues, and support sustainable change and positive transformation.

For clients seeking specialized treatment for anxiety disorders, Holly utilizes evidence-based cognitive behavioral (CBT) approaches to treatment. Research has shown CBT to be the most effective treatment modality for anxiety disorders along with many other psychological conditions. Additional interventions are often utilized to maximize treatment effectiveness such as mindfulness, relaxation techniques, and exposure therapy. A member of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Holly provides cutting edge treatment that involves her clients in each stage of recovery.

Holly’s enthusiasm as a therapist, combined with her compassionate and non-judgmental approach, create a hopeful and supportive environment for her clients of all ages to create a more meaningful and fulfilling life.


Specialties and Services

“Be patient with yourself; self growth is tender. It is holy ground. There is no greater investment.” –Stephen Covey

Holly offers a broad range of clinical services to meet the diverse needs of her clients with treatment specialties in the areas of anxiety disorders, grief, and women’s issues. She also has a professional commitment to providing counseling to law enforcement families.